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Counselling Services In Buxton

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Counselling Services In Buxton And The Surrounding Areas

Hi, I'm Fay.

Sometimes life’s ‘stuff’ gets us down and it can be unrelenting. Problems can feel like burdens that we can’t carry or sand that we can’t grasp. This can feel even worse when no matter the number of people we know, we just can’t talk about it because maybe we don’t know how to…or we think people just won’t ‘get it’.


Perhaps life’s experiences have been too painful to carry or the pain of your past or present feels like it’s always going to be there and always going to hurt. There is hope, and there is a brighter future for you…it doesn’t have to be this way.


Maybe to be understood is all we need.

To feel heard and seen.

To talk about problems.

To work out a new perspective or solution. 


Counselling can give you the space you need to do this. To be free to say what you think and feel without reprisals or repercussions. To give you a chance to learn about yourself. Why you do what you do, and to create opportunities for new choices instead of living in reactions.


If you want to talk I’m here to do that whichever way is comfortable for you.