About Me

Experience and Training

My experience is in counselling for Talk Listen Change and the Elm Foundation and I’ve worked with many clients.


I’ve worked with people who’ve had abusive childhoods and abusive adult relationships.

I’ve worked with PTSD – flashbacks, triggers and trauma.


I’ve worked with people who’ve lost loved ones, pets, homes or jobs that are everything to them and I know of the anxiety, shame, guilt and feelings of worthless that may paralyse you and how we can work through those feelings so they don’t affect you the same.


Do you hurt yourself or have you tried to end the pain through death?

I’m here to listen and talk about it.


Addictions, debt and struggling to survive on little money.

As well as long term illness, disability and pain.


If you need to talk about managing a stressful job or simply getting out of bed in the morning.

I understand about struggling to care for yourself by eating properly or finding that hard.


I have learning and experience in talking about all these situations and am waiting to talk with you.


It’s your time to be heard…

At Your Pace

Client led councelling…

In Confidence

Within a private setting…

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